The beginning of our story goes a little something like “Gal meets rancher. Rancher convinces gal that she can change the world by processing meat.” The middle of our story is beefed up with a lot of research, good neighbors, and business networking with some rancher-style hustling. Everything we do is with the goal to deliver delicious USDA, grain-finished beef and meats you can purchase online. Now we’re not talking about just any old kind of meat—we’re talking about Marfa Meats, Austin’s beef company!

We didn’t set out to change the meat production industry. It changed us. A broken system left us wanting to provide our neighbors, friends, and customers throughout the great state of Texas and across America with nothing less than the best quality beef.


At Marfa Meats, we are all about locally sourced and produced grain-finished beef. Our USDA and custom-exempt processing distributes our Marfa Meats quality in whatever quantity you are needing, directly to your doorstep. Whether you’re one of our Austin neighbors or you live outside of Texas, our meats are always the freshest and highest quality. Marfa Meats is committed to giving you the best quality meats served right to your door. Our process is environmentally friendly, effective, and all-American. When you order our grain-finished beef online, our Austin beef company ensures the freshest quality meats are delivered to you, every time.


Interested in getting to know who’s behind raising your beef? Check out these guys! Texas has a lot to offer, but our producers are some of the best in The Lone Star State. We couldn’t do what we do without our producers. It’s nice to know the folks who are raising your beef and how they treat their cattle. When we say our Austin beef company is supplying local, homegrown quality meats, we mean it. The farms of all our producers are established right here in Texas.

Shop our meat selection online now or sign up for a beef subscription so you never run out of beef!