The beginning of our story goes a little something like “Gal meets rancher. Rancher convinces gal that she can change the world by processing meat.” The middle of our story is beefed up with a lot of research, good neighbors, and business networking with some rancher-style hustling. Everything we do is with the goal to deliver delicious USDA, grain-finished beef and meats you can purchase online. Now we’re not talking about just any old kind of meat—we’re talking about Marfa Meats, Austin’s beef company!

We didn’t set out to change the meat production industry. It changed us. A broken system left us wanting to provide our neighbors, friends, and customers throughout the great state of Texas and across America with nothing less than the best quality beef.


Shooting the bull with Gene means you’ll laugh a lot, which is no surprise, I guess, since I met Gene through Ellery. Gene will tell you that the heat lights “saved the bacon” during the last storm and that his hogs are “hard to put on a diet”. Gene Nowell made his way to Alpine in 1983 as a ranch hand; 38 years later he and his wife Kay, also a poet, run both a ranch and a feeding operation.   Gene has a herd of Texas Longhorn cattle that are used in the movies and an amazing arrowhead collection. He'll also supply hogs to Marfa Meats. He raises a few breeds - some Yorkshire/Berkshire cross, full breeds of both and Duroc.

He raises around 20 hogs at a time across seven different pens. Since the hogs often "make pigs of themselves", Gene tries to keep the greedy ones away from the less assertive eaters to ensure everyone gets their fair share of high-protein feed, but also gives them some company since pigs are social animals and like to cuddle up together.

If you want to know who's raising your pork
- it's this guy.


Interested in getting to know who’s behind raising your beef? Check out these guys! Texas has a lot to offer, but our producers are some of the best in The Lone Star State. We couldn’t do what we do without our producers. It’s nice to know the folks who are raising your beef and how they treat their cattle. When we say our Austin beef company is supplying local, homegrown quality meats, we mean it. The farms of all our producers are established right here in Texas.

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