Master Classes

Local classes that teach you how to do what we do, the right way!


Breaking down a whole chicken is not only more cost effective than buying your chicken already broken down but it is a highly useful skill. This class will teach you how to quickly and efficiently butcher a whole chicken into leg quarters, breasts, wings, and a carcass perfect for making your own stock.

The chicken butchery course will begin with a discussion about what participants will learn in the course as well as general safety and knowledge. After our discussion participants will watch one of our butcher break down a whole chicken into its usable cuts before being given their own whole chicken to break down themselves. The course should take no more than one hour. At the end of the course participants will be able to take home the chicken that they have processed.

All of our chickens come from Westfold Farm in Driftwood, TX and are included in the $60 class fee.

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